Entries from November 2008

House prices tipped to fall a further 36 percent

28 November 2008

The Daily Telegraph today reported that financial markets are pricing a further 36pc fall in the housing market over the next 2 years. more

Don’t sell and rent back, sell and move on!

19 November 2008

If you’re in a financial bind and need to sell your house quickly, then fast house sales to a cash home buyer could help get you back on track. more

Is your home buyer a cash buyer?

18 November 2008

When you’re looking for fast house sales in London, the huge choice of homebuying firms is enough to send you mad. Where to begin? more

No denying London property crash

10 November 2008

London’s premier homebuyer, SecureASale, this week announced the London housing market is in an undeniable crash. more

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