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06 March 2015

When we established SecureASale as London’s first ethical house buying company in March 2008 we could never have predicted the world in 2015.


This was a pre-Smartphone era, a time when a ‘Tablet’ only meant a headache pill and Facebook had yet to break into the global consciousness. The global financial crisis was yet to cross the Atlantic to London and the phrase ‘Credit Crunch’ sounded like a free chocolate bar.

In that time we’ve seen London house prices fall by up to 25% by mid 2009 then rise by 50% to reach break records in 2013. We’ve experienced the first coalition Government since the Second World War and are heading into a period of political uncertainty as another election looms.

If we have learnt one thing in this time it is simply that we can no longer rely on things we used to take for granted.

The United Kingdom (while it stills hangs together) is a panoply of different cultures, political and world views. The traditional class system has been replaced by the new tribes of localism, campaigning and self-interest.

The housing market in London has changed to such an extent as to be unrecognisable from 2008. Wealthy foreign investors are buying in bulk and for cash while hard working Londoners still struggle to gain a foothold on the ladder.

Rents have shot up as a result while mortgage rates remain at historic lows (if only you can secure a mortgage).

Auctions have become a mainstream method of transacting property and the notion of the traditional Estate Agent is under threat from Online-only agencies.

Throughout all this, SecureASale has been there to offer a professional, straightforward and honest service for those needing a quick property sale in London.

Of course we buy properties in poor condition, probates, homes close to repossession, but we also help people who need to move abroad, relocate for work purposes or need to complete a property chain.

We are founder members of the National Association of Property Buyers and regulated by The Property Ombudsman and we continue to deliver best practice in the industry.

If you need a quick sale, please do not hesitate to call one of our directors for a free, impartial chat on 020 7117 6660.


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