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Banish those ‘sell my house’ worries with SecureASale

09 January 2009

Has the post-Christmas gloom given you the housing market blues? SecureASale could help you make 2009 a very happy New Year. more

Why London?

04 December 2008

‘There’s a saying that London is a collection of villages. Moreover, London is alive with culture!’ SecureASale’s Tim explains his London love. more

Don’t sell and rent back, sell and move on!

19 November 2008

If you’re in a financial bind and need to sell your house quickly, then fast house sales to a cash home buyer could help get you back on track. more

Is your home buyer a cash buyer?

18 November 2008

When you’re looking for fast house sales in London, the huge choice of homebuying firms is enough to send you mad. Where to begin? more

Property Stress Relief showcased in The Negotiator

15 September 2008

Property Stress Relief, a sister company of SecureASale, has been featured in leading estate agent publication, ‘The Negotiator’. more

Private Sellers Reap Market Crisis Rewards

02 September 2008

The housing market moves in mysterious ways and currently agents are suffering more than canny sellers. more

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