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Housing Hysteria- What do the newspaper reports really mean?

21 April 2009

Market statsSecureASale’s Tim Jackson cuts through all the vastly diverse market percentage reports to keep it simple… more

Top 10 Tips For Sellers

03 March 2009

top 10SecureASale directors Tim Jackson and Eli Robinson run down their Top Ten Tips for getting buyers interested in your property… more

Banish those ‘sell my house’ worries with SecureASale

09 January 2009

Has the post-Christmas gloom given you the housing market blues? SecureASale could help you make 2009 a very happy New Year. more

Don’t sell and rent back, sell and move on!

19 November 2008

If you’re in a financial bind and need to sell your house quickly, then fast house sales to a cash home buyer could help get you back on track. more

No denying London property crash

10 November 2008

London’s premier homebuyer, SecureASale, this week announced the London housing market is in an undeniable crash. more

Auctions fail to bring sellers a light at the end of the tunnel

22 October 2008

As the housing downtown picks up pace, more and more desperate vendors are looking to auctions as a way of achieving a sale. more

Home Buyers or Data Miners?

13 October 2008

As the global economy becomes increasingly turbulent, households across the UK are sinking under growing financial strain. more

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